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The Empower Project utilises the cultural knowledge, networks & relationships, and resources of Tiamoyo's longstanding ministry in Northern Tanzania.


Since 1994, Founders Mike and Lyndall Rothery have worked with Pastors and Village leaders in Northern Tanzania. Over the past 20+ years, they have developed a large network of more than 2,000 leaders in more than 40 towns and villages.


They have been involved in several community development projects, including 5 primary schools and a comprehensive HIV/AIDS ministry that has trained hundreds of home based carers and brought HIV/AIDS Education to dozens of villages and towns. Notwithstanding the value of these initiatives, the foundation of their ministry has always focused on leadership development amongst pastors and community leaders in rural areas throughout Northern Tanzania.


The goal of the leadership network is to bring leaders together and empower them to lead their communities into a brighter future; spiritually, socially and economically.

You can learn more about Tiamoyo Ministries here.

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