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New direction New crops

LOOKING FOR LAND ...we went with Polycarp and Bishop Yona looking for land for the college, east of Tengeru. We also visited Yona’s crop MaIze and Beans. Intercropping is common in Tanzania and has a lot of merit. One benefit is if the rains finish early, as sometimes happens, the farmer will still harvest the beans. We are looking for land for Agape College. Land around Arusha is very expensive, there is good land further out that is affordable. Some land we inspected is about 1 hour away and 20 acres would cost approximately AUD$25,000. We have been granted a generous sum from Lifestreams Church WA as a deposit towards this project. We are so grateful to them and our donors, and excited for this potential. For more of the updated story May 2023 ask us to email you - sign up at our web page or email us at


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