The Preacher's Page

In the first weekend of my arrival, of a six week travel plan, I had the privilege of speaking at the Arusha Vineyard church. This church has become our African 'home church'.

Two days Pastors/Leaders/Farmers seminar at Dawar Village

This was an amazing time. We really thank God for the leadership of the local pastors in Dawar village and the commitment of the farmers there to see real change happen in their village. Thursday and Friday was a seminar for the local pastors, village leaders and farmers and Sunday was a final celebration when four of the local churches came together. We had 12 pastors, 4 village chairman, come local government people and 70 farmers come to the seminar and it was an such a valuable time. The pastors were so enthusiastic and full of hope that they can be leaders to bring real and lasting change to Dawar village.

I shared with the theme of getting out of the wilderness and into the promised land. It is difficult, there are giants to conquer and rivers to cross, but God is with us, and He has given us the land! I was left feeling really confident that these people have what it takes. The whole community is committed to improving their farming, to lift their community out of poverty. It is such a huge change for tribal people that I don't think it can be done without the whole community owning the vision and holding each other accountable and encouraging each other. This is what God has done in this village. The pastors and local leaders are all committed to leading their people into a better future and to see the Kingdom of God come and bring blessing to their whole community. I believe that if they can stay committed to improving their farming for 5 years, they will see a huge change that will be a real light to so many other villages.

Celebration Sunday

Four churches came together and approximately 600 people had to be outside as the overflow. It was amazing to see the choirs singing and dancing God really moved at the end when so many came for prayer. When the boys got to dancing the dust and the grass went flying!

A new church Building for Dawar village

It is an exciting time for Daniel and his people. As well as being a pastor he is the village chairman and the secretary of the farmers group in Dawar. They need a new building and if anyone would feel they could help with this project, please contact us. (You would be surprised how little it costs to build a church in Africa!)

Three days at Geita, Pastors and Leaders Seminar

Pastor John Bayois the national leader of Tiamoyo Ministries which is the leadership network Mike and Lyndall Rothery built up over many years. He is pastoring in the north west of Tanzania near Lake Victoria. We did a three day seminar for him and really saw the hand of God moving. It was a real encouragement to John as many people came to Christ in the open air meetings in the evenings and quite a few came to Church on Sunday.

About 30 peoplecame to give their lives to Christ on the Saturday night. We had to leave Sunday afternoon, but John phoned us very excited the next day saying the crowd had doubled again to about 900 people and many more came to Christ!

It was a privilege to work with John again and be an encouragement to him. He and Mike really have laid the foundation of strengthening the local leaders, that God can use them to bring His kingdom and purposes to local African communities.

Worship and Prayer

We had some amazing times of prayer with our guys and really felt God speak to us that prayer and worship are real keys for seeing change in Africa.

Please pray with us, we are asking the Lord for :

  • 7 years of plenty!

  • Ongoing support for our team

  • A new building for Pastor Daniel's church

  • Resources to train more farmers