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Containing the Power


​This month I am focusing on packing the gear we are sending to Africa. I put an advert in the Farmers Weekly paper asking for Combine Seeder boxes for a 'mission farming project in Africa', and have been overwhelmed by the response! I have lined up five 24 row boxes, that we can cut up to make many 5 row planters, (or whatever is needed). They have strong, reliable seed metering devices that last forever, and will go well in Africa. There will be no problem in sourcing as many as we may need in the future, I have probably been offered about 20 machines!

The Planter Plan

​Send container December 2015​, arrive Feb 2016. I will be in Arusha from mid February ​to about mid May to set up production of the small, tractor mounted, low-till planters.

Scott Price and Byron will be making them for us. ​Mick Dennis, Aussie farmer in Arusha will be consulting to us on design and ​I have a couple of good men coming to help from Oz.

Avocado Oil

I have put an add in the same paper for an old cream separator. We are wanting this for trials of Avacado Oil. There is a huge market for quality Avacado oil and in some of the areas around Arusha/Kili it is Avacado heaven. ​This could be a great village business. If you have ideas or interest in this email Tammy ​​- the scientist in our team - via this address and I will forward it. ​

Dry Mango

I am also meeting with a South African guy who is the Mango Guru! They have lost their supply of dried Mango from Ghana and once again, there is huge international market for quality, dried Mango. in Morogorro, where Jonè​s is, ​it ​is Mango heaven.

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